Carl has been an actor his entire life.

Started as a child  by imitating Warner Bros cartoon characters to amuse friends and family. Realized he was good at impersonations and accents. 

20 years experience as an multiple award winning street performer with large television audience as well as spectators.

Worked as chairman for large non-profit, giving speeches to crowded rooms.

Has done voice-over for television commercials and  on the internet.

ESL teacher, all levels. Have worked with people from many cultures and countries.

He can be the guy next door, natural, sincere, friendly, conversational, calming,  and approachable. 

He can also be the corporate business professional, knowledgeable, trustworthy and authoritative.

 He can be a superhero, soldier, cowboy, nerd, dork, good guy or the bad guy, or the villain on your video game.

His character range is quite large; soprano to baritone, nerdy to scary, attractive to disturbing.

Impressions vary from Popeye to Gollum, Marvin the Martian to John Wayne. Jean Luc Picard to Mickey Mouse. 


‚ÄčUS. West coast; New York, Deep South, Texas. British, Irish, Eastern European, Jewish, Indian, French, Italian, Spanish, Asian, Scandinavian.

So whether your commercial project is film, television, radio, movie trailers, video games, cartoons, internet, documentaries, telephone, pod-casting, educational, business or audio books, Carl has the voice you're looking for!